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Haivan Shipping - Services Co., Ltd (HAIVANSHIP Co.,Ltd) was established on 03rd November 2005, then since 12th October 2009 the company has transformed to Haivan Shipping-Services Corporation (HAIVANSHIP CORP.)..

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To serve upcoming projects and develop new projects in the fields of maritime, seaport, financial investment… HVS recruits as follows:

1 Receptionist / Clerical officer
2 Exploitation specialist, Customer care
3 Internal audit and control legislation officer
4 Marketing and project Development
5 Human Resources Manager
6 Crewing Manager
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LNG Tanker vessel - MARAN GAS ACHILLES carrying 70,000 tons of LNG docks at Vung Tau port

The Maran Gas Achilles, a Greek-flagged vessel, arrived at the PVGas LNG port on July 10th, carrying nearly 70,000 tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from an Indonesian port. The ship was assisted by four tugboats from Haivanship during its approach to the PVGas LNG port.
On the evening of July 9th, the Maran Gas Achilles reached buoy zero and was escorted by the Sky 1 tugboat to buoy number four. The Sky 1 tugboat provided guidance and support, ensuring the safe transit of the vessel.
On the morning of July 10th, the Maran Gas Achilles entered the channel with the assistance of the Sky 1 tugboat, which continued to guide the ship towards the PVGas LNG port.
During this time, the remaining three Haivanship tugboats, Sky 2, Force 1, and Force 2, were on standby, ready to provide any necessary assistance for a smooth docking process.
Thanks to the coordination and support of the Haivanship tugboat fleet, the Maran Gas Achilles successfully reached the PVGas LNG port, allowing for the efficient unloading and storage of the 70,000 tons of LNG cargo.
This collaborative effort showcases the expertise and capabilities of Haivanship in providing towing services and ensuring the safe arrival of vessels at the PVGas LNG port.

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HAIVANSHIP operates an own fleet of tugboats including High Power ASD Tugs in VungTau, SaiGon (Ho Chi Minh) Ports, Vietnam. We are well-known as an International Standard Tugboat Company and Towage Services supplying for not only local agents but also directly to many foreign customers against their direct Order and Payment.

It is always our honor and confidence to bring the best TOWAGE, ESCORTING, MARINE RESCUE SERVICES... to your good vessels in Vietnam.

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Mobile +84 984 811 505 (Zalo)
Tel & Fax +84 28 54 171 603 | Fax: +84 8 5417 1602
Email support@haivanship.com.vn | tug@haivanship.com.vn


HAIVANSHIP is a well respected salvage company offering Vietnam marine emergency response. Over the years we completed or participated in an impressive number of salvage operations:
      ► Marine fire fighting
      ► Wreck removals
      ► Towing Main Engine failed

Email support@haivanship.com.vn | osr@haivanship.com.vn
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Our company maintains a highly trained support team which is ready to intervene in emergency situations of oil spill response and in standard operations of prevention and repression of Oil  pollution:




Towing tugboat in vietnam

Sky 1

Sky 1

Main engines: 2 x 1920KW-Yanmar 6EY26

Length: 34.1m

Draft: 3.8m

Bollard Pull: 53 Tons

Sky 1 particular

sky 2

Sky 2

Main engines: 2 x 1920KW-Yanmar 6EY26

Length: 32.4m

Draft: 4.8m

Bollard Pull: 62.1 Tons

Sky 2 particular

Sky 1

Star 1

Main engines: 5149 HP- Yanmar 6EY26W

Length: 34.23m

Draft: 3.4m

Bollard Pull: 60.71 Tons

Star 1 particular

Sky 1

Star 2

Main engines: 2 x 2500 HP - Niigata 6L28HX

Length: 32.5m

Draft: 4.4m

Bollard Pull: 66 Tons

Star 2 particular

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Port Shipping Agency

Email support@haivanship.com.vn | ops@haivanship.com.vn
We are Port Shipping Agency for container vessels of Maersk Line, MOL calling at Vung Tau - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; for general cargo vessels calling at Vung Tau, Ho Chi Minh especially for Posco Vietnam, Posco SS Vina, Vedan...With our experience, good relationship with parties concerned and our abilities we will arrange for vessels of our customers berthing soonest and quick despatch.
shipping agency in Vietnam
Steel transshipment at POSCO VIETNAM port
Steel transshipment at POSCO Yamato port

Midstream buoys & Waterway Transportation

Mobile +84 913 24 7272 (Zalo)
Email support@haivanship.com.vn | pvquang@haivanship.com.vn
We own and operate 03 Midstream buoys in GoGia, Vung Tau can accept vessel up to 150,000 DWT (Haivanship-BP01, Haivanship-BP04, Haivanship-10) and also 04 Midstram buoys in Thieng Lieng Area, Can Gio - HCM City. can accpet vessel up to 80,000 DWT and mooring area in Tra Vinh for vessel up to 200,000DWT.

We also own an fleet of barge to carry out transhipment and barging cargo from GoGia to jetty of customer (Door to door)

Coal Transshipment News

Nghi Son project of Alliance - Oldendorff and Haivanship

Hai Van Shipping - Services Corporation (HVS) is proud of being one of the leading companies in Towage service, Oil Spill Response, Shipping Agency and Transshipment services in the South of Vietnam. We, along with Oldendorff Carriers GmbH (OC) - the biggest and famous Germany company in shipping and transshipment field, are investors of the Coal Transshipment Project for Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company (NS2PC). HVS and OC will operate 02 modern Transshipment Vessel (TSV) to unload coal from Ocean Going Vessel (OGV) which up to 210,000t DWT at NS2PC Transshipment Area ( 10 nm far from shore) and transfer to Nghi Son 2 Jetty located at Nghi Son, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.

The Alliance now is operating 02 new specialized TSV of 21,500 DWT named Calypso and Anna which specifically designed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, self-unloading, and is the first bulk carrier to be equipped with a modern, large capacity ABB Azipod electric propulsion system, maneuverability. The vessels also have their shore electricity power connector, no emissions are generated in port and absolutely environmental friendly

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