Coal transshipment operations are carried out by FOTP Langbian at midstream buoys BP-01 in Go Gia.

Coal transshipment operations are expertly managed by FOTP Langbian at the BP-01 midstream buoy in Go Gia. We proudly own and operate three midstream buoys in Go Gia, Vung Tau, each capable of accommodating vessels of up to 150,000 DWT (Haivanship-BP01, Haivanship-BP04, Haivanship-10). Additionally, we oversee four midstream buoys in the Thieng Lieng area, Can Gio - Ho Chi Minh City, which can accept vessels of up to 80,000 DWT. Our facilities in Tra Vinh also offer mooring capabilities for vessels up to 200,000 DWT..

Moreover, we maintain a fleet of barges dedicated to transshipment and cargo transportation, providing a seamless 'door-to-door' service from Go Gia to our customers' jetties, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience.
Author: Trung Ng