Mr.Y.Ogahara - Official representative of Japan register of shipping in Vietnam made his New Year and paid a working visit with VIMARU

Implementing the lines and policies of renovation of the Vietnamese Communist Party, Vietnam Maritime University is one of the leading universities for expanding international cooperation to integration and development. Japan, Federal Republic of Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, South Korea is the representative of the strategic partnership of the University. From this strategic direction, the University has established a joint-venture company as VINIC (with Japan), Eastern Dragon Shipping Company (with Federal Republic of Russia), PAV Company (with South Korea) and training and research cooperation with the major universities of Belgium, the Netherlands, India, etc. Cooperation, association have brought effective in improving the quality of education, teaching, training confirms the model of training - scientific research - applied technology – productive labour of VIMARU.

In the previous years, Japan register of shipping has recognized some equipments that is brand name of Vietnam Maritime University has won the international criteria, have been widely used in shipping industry.

Coming in 2010, Mr.Y.Ogahara wished staffs, lecturers and students are healthy, happy and successful New Year. In addition, he wished the cooperation between Japan register of shipping and VIMARU continues to grow up a new height.

Representative for Vietnam Maritime University, Dang Van Uy, Ass.Prof., D.Sc., Rector of VIMARU wished Japan register of shipping has a good health and prosperity New Year; a relationship and cooperation between VIMARU and Japan register of shipping increasingly attached more and more durable and successful.