Perform Oil spill response & Port security practicing at Posco SS Vina port

On 18th Aug 2017, Haivanship coordinated with POSCO SS VINA Port to perform Oil spill response & Port security practicing.

Situation and scenario

+ Assumed Situation: . Port facility security incident: When berthing at port POSCO, SSO of barge X found some suspects onboard stealing goods. SSO immediately report to PSO of Port to operate emergency procedures.

         . Oil spill incident: After being found stealing onboard, suspects tried to escape and then be arrested by port security and Border Guards. One of suspects ruined oil pump of the vessels then caused oil spill incident with an amount of 500 litter of DO.

+ Drill contents: . Barge’s duty person finds some suspects onboard stealing goods. He immediately contacts Board of PFS and Border Guard Commander to check and arrest.

. Port’s security guards follow and report suspects action to Commander Board. Border Guards approach the site and suspects are caught in action. To make pressure to security forces, he ruins an oil pipe and oil begins spill out to the river. Suspects are sent to Border Guard office to be questioned.
Oil spilt out to the river caused oil spill incident (about level I)

. After receiving information, Port’s security Commander Board immediately inform Port Administrator Office, IZ Police Station, Waterway Police and Maritime Security Information Center and HVS Office about the incident;

. Waterway Police mobilize a canoe and polices to patrol around water area to protect incident site, access channel in front of port area and keep boats off area.

. Oil spill response procedure is quickly carried out (including oil spill controlling and fighting of fire spreading on water)

. Staff of Port found oil spilling and reported to the Board of Emergency Response Team and relevant authorities, quickly reported to Oil Spill Response Team of HAIVANSHIP to approach the site for oil spill response.

. After receiving notice from port, the Oil Spill Response Team of HAIVANSHIP promptly mobilize a canoe and a high capacity tugboat fully equipped with oil spill response instrument.

. Upon approaching the site, Haivanship’s tugboat will deploy oil boom to blockade oil slicks. Drop one oil boom line surrounding this area to prevent oil spills from ships and collect under selected plan.

. Drop skimmer machine to pump oil to mobile tanks on rescue ship. Arranging containers, oil absorbent sheets on the rescue ship ready to absorb oil spilled around.

. In case of fire spreading on water surface, a tug-boat equipped with fire hoses will carry out firefighting by pumping high pressure water/foam.

. After entire oil has been collected, the commander of HAIVANSHIP reports to the commander of Emergency Response Team of port to announce the end of oil spill response activity.

. After receiving order of drill termination, all forces collect oil booms, oil skimmer and other equipment, wash, clean and pack back to container.

. Board of Managers, Board of Port facilities security, all participants of drill and authorities’ representative take part in a meeting after drilling to give comment for the final report.