LNG Tanker vessel - MARAN GAS ACHILLES carrying 70,000 tons of LNG docks at Vung Tau port

The Maran Gas Achilles, a Greek-flagged vessel, arrived at the PVGas LNG port on July 10th, carrying nearly 70,000 tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from an Indonesian port. The ship was assisted by four tugboats from Haivanship during its approach to the PVGas LNG port.
On the evening of July 9th, the Maran Gas Achilles reached buoy zero and was escorted by the Sky 1 tugboat to buoy number four. The Sky 1 tugboat provided guidance and support, ensuring the safe transit of the vessel.
On the morning of July 10th, the Maran Gas Achilles entered the channel with the assistance of the Sky 1 tugboat, which continued to guide the ship towards the PVGas LNG port.
During this time, the remaining three Haivanship tugboats, Sky 2, Force 1, and Force 2, were on standby, ready to provide any necessary assistance for a smooth docking process.
Thanks to the coordination and support of the Haivanship tugboat fleet, the Maran Gas Achilles successfully reached the PVGas LNG port, allowing for the efficient unloading and storage of the 70,000 tons of LNG cargo.
This collaborative effort showcases the expertise and capabilities of Haivanship in providing towing services and ensuring the safe arrival of vessels at the PVGas LNG port.