HAIVANSHIP salvage fleet coordinate with SVITZER’s expert to extinguish the fire on MV. HEUNG-A DRAGON

rescue service in Vungtau, hochiminh vietnam

These containers started fuming and ignition. Because this incident could cause big explosion and environmental disaster on a large scale in Vung Tau beach area, experts from SVIZER salvage company coordinated with HAIVANSHIP salvage fleet whos are authorized by the owner of MV.

Salvage marine services

Heung a Dragon collision in Vungtau
Heung-a Dragon already deployed the firefighting salvage vessls to conquer and extinguish the fire. HAIVANSHIP manoeurved tugboat WINNER SEA 4,800BHP tugboat Kamiya 4,000 BHP are equipped with fire pumps high capacity and modern firefighting systerm to mobilize to casual ship for extinguishing the fire. 
And the fire has been extinguished at 23h30 on 09th Nov, but Salvage fleet of HAIVANSHIP still stand by 24/24 beside casual ship to continue pumping water onto flamed container to cool up and prevent the fire continue occur.