Bến Phao BP - 4 trên sông Gò Gia

Name of Berth: BP4
Location: Khu neo Gò Gia / Anchorage Area Go Gia –  Vietnam
Position:  WGS84 system

B: 100 31’ 48.01922” | L: 1060 59’ 43.98083”    
Pilotage area: Ba Ria – Vung Tau
Owner and Operator: HAIVANSHIP

Berth’s specification:

Capacity: Vessel’s size up to 150.000DWT
Depth: 18.4 (Chart Datum)
Buoy Mooring Type: *VR SPM
Berth length (maximum distance between concrete anchors along the vessel): 383m
Water area: Lw x Bw = 336m x 197m

MOL Brilliance mooring at Haivanship's buoys with the assistance of Haivanship's tugboats: Kasuga, Sea Tiger, Mirai, Kamiya and Sea Winner (Go Gia, Ba Ria - Vung Tau).