Oil spill response for VIETSUN INTEGRITY after accident and fuel spill

oil spill response in vietnam

The container ship VIETSUN INTEGRITY sank in Cần Giờ District’s Lòng Tàu River at around 1.50am on Saturday, but there were no casualties
The ship, around 132 metres long and with deadweight tonnage of more than 8,000 tonnes, was carrying around 290 containers when it went down
A representative of HCM City’s Port Authority said it would take about 5-7 days to pump all 150 tonnes of oil out of the sunken ship. A small amount of oil has leaked from the vessel. Haivan Shipping-Services Corporation (HAIVANSHIP CORP.) has used three layers of buoys to prevent oil from spreading on the river in order to avoid environmental pollution.
The company has also collected more than 10 floating containers to take them to shore.

oil spill response in vietnam
Nguyen Xuan Sang, head of the Vietnam Maritime Administration said there was no specific plan to salvage the sunken ship so far.
The specific time for re-opening Dong Tranh – Long Tau route had not been finalised, he said.
oil spill response for vietsun integrity vessel
HAIVANSHIP oil spill response team secures a boom around the vessel Vietsun integrity after accident and fuel spill to prevent the 150 tonnes of oil leaked from the ship from spreading further.
oil spill response for vietsun integrity vessel
Relevant agencies were gathering to discuss the salvage plan, attempting to re-open the route as soon as possible, he added. Currently, ships travelling between HCM City – Vung Tau will follow Soai Rap route, Dua River route or Dong Tranh - Go Gia route.
Previously, Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The asked concerned organisations to collect all floating containers on the river to ensure waterway traffic safety and investigate the case.
oil spill response for vietsun integrity vessel
The water area between the Dong Tranh – Long Tau River intersection and Cambodia’s Four Faces River has been restricted to vessels.

Author: Trung Ng