Midstream buoys & Waterway Transportation

waterway transportation in vietnam

We own and operate 03 Midstream buoys in GoGia, Vung Tau can accept vessel up to 150,000 DWT (Haivanship-BP01, Haivanship-BP04, Haivanship-10)
We also own an fleet of barge to carry out transhipment and barging cargo from GoGia to jetty of customer (Door to door)

waterway transportation


Buoys fleet

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Capacity: Receive Vessel up to 80.000 DWT


Capacity: Receive Vessel up to 150.000 DWT


Capacity: Receive Vessel up to 100.000 DWT

Barge transportation

Barge transport
Barge Transport
Barge Transport
barge transport

Barge Fleet